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1. How to Order?

Add the product you need to your cart and check out, fill in your Contact information ( including order or user name, email address and phone number, delivery address) and then submit order. We’ll contact you with 24 hours.

Or you could directly send your order to : [email protected]. Phone: +86 028 85249238

2. Payment terms

For single order, we prefer TT 100% in advance, paypal is ok.

For custom project, we prefer 60% payment in advance, balance before shippment.

3. Delivery

For general products, we’ll make delivery within 3days after receive the payment.

For custom project, the usual deliver time is about 20~30 days, it depends on the situation of raw material, we’ll offer the specific delivery date before starting the project.

4. Quality assurance

Usually we offer HPLC and HNMR, if you need spectrum, please contact [email protected].

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